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Other Random Topics

Dear readers we have written some random topics that we thaink will be useful to travelers. If you need any topics covered here please contact us through click here >>


Majority of Sri Lankan does speak good English. English is commonly use in government, private and tourism offices but almost everyone knows few words.For your use we have included some Sinhala and Tamail words below.

Greetings and Basic Phrases of Sinhala

Yes — Oh-uh
No — Naa
Goods day — Ayubowan – (meaning of this is – “May you live longer” )
Thank you — Istuti (Thank you very much > Bohoma Istuti)

Greetings and Basic Phrases of Tamil

Yes –- Amam
No — Illai
Hello -– Vanakkam
Thank you -– Nandri

Culture – Customs and Respect

There are several customs for a Western traveler should get used in Sri Lanka. Politeness is important feature in Sri Lankan culture. Respect others to get the respect from them. It is customary to remover shoes and ware respectful attire when you are visiting temples. It is customary not to turn you back to Buddha stature within an reasonable distance. Public nudity is illegal in Sri Lanka. Be respectful to monks and clergies, be polite to them, if you are interested in giving money to the temples do not give money to them put it to the donation boxes. Do not take photographs on sensitive places especially in Colombo. Usually Sri Lankan’s ask lot of personal questions when they meet foreigners. For example the countries of yours, age whether you are married or not, number of children you have. Although foreign visitors do not like to answer these types of questions, for local these are very basic and ordinary questions in local culture.


In Sri Lanka Electricity is generated using Hydro power and it is 230 ~ 240, 50 cycles. During the dry season it is likely to have power cuts as well. Power sockets are three pin and adopters are readily available in all parts of the isalnd.


Chauffeurs and guides expect a tip around 5$ to 10$ per day. The amount is depending on the skills of the Chauffeurs or guide. Most hotels and restaurants usually add 10% of service change to the bill. If it is not added it is better to tip extra 10%.

Sex Tourism and Gay Travelers

In Sri Lanka sexual abuse of underage children (age under 18 years) will carry an imprisonment between 7 to 20 years. Both male and female prostitution is illegal and Homosexuality is illegal in Sri Lanka

What to Bring

The things you have to bring to Sri Lanka is very little most of the items you might need can be purchased locally. Cotton cloths are readily available in Sri Lanka. But do not forget to bring your travel wallet and lotion for protection as western brand are expensive in Sri Lanka.


Most Sri Lanka toilets are western style. Toilet paper is readily available in almost all hotels and all tourist places and in some restaurants. But as in many Asian countries a hose or a bucket of water is kept in as an alternative for toilet papers. If you prefer to use toilet papers you can bring you own. Toilet papers are available in any supermarket and most of the grocery shops.