White Water Rafting

For those love action packed rafting adventure in Sri Lanka why not try an exciting rafting ride starting from Kithulgala along the Kelani River. The Kitulgala & Kelani River is popular as for 1957 blockbuster movie “Bridge on the River Kwai” in which the bridge was blown when the train was crossing the river was filmed in Kithulgala. This place is worthwhile for visiting and photographing as you pass the rapids of Kalani River.

White water rafting in Kelani river dose not requires higher degree of rafting skills or swimming experience, even for the people who are experimenting it for the first time, families and small group’s can go for a thrilling ride down the Kelani River. This is because the rapids of Kalani River are graded as 2 and 3. Some of the rapids of the Kalani River are named with unique names such as Virgin’s Breast, Killer Falls, Butter Crunch and Head Chopper.
Kithulgala is easily accessible both from Colombo and Kandy. It is possible to arrange a Rafting Excursion with transport or without transport depending on your requirement.

Your safety is our main concern that’s why we only use best quality boats and safety equipments (every rafter is given a lifejacket and a helmet) which are up to international standards. And not only that our instructors are highly experienced local staff whom will guide you through out the tour. They will tell you what to do and what not to do. The instructors are experienced enough to handle the boat in extreme conditions.

Note: If you are an experienced skilled rafter or a team and searching for higher grade of rapids (3 and above, up to 5), Yes Sri Lanka has such rapids in different rivers. River Sitawaka will offer grade 3 and 4 rapids where  Kotmale  will offer grade 4 and 5 rapids. We can arrange rafting tours for those adventure loving people for suit you requirement. The rafting time will be 3 to 8 hours depending on you requirement. Please check the chart for more information

Contact us for Pricing!!! No one can match our Prices (Quality and safer Rafting ride at Kithulgala for a lower price.)

Sri Lanka Rivers and Rafting Categories
River Grade Raft Time
Kithulgala / Kalani River 2 – 3 rapids 2 hrs
Sitawaka 3-4 rapids 2-2.5hrs
Mahaweli 3-5 rapids 3-3.5hrs
Kotmale Grade 5 rapids 5-6 hrs
Kukle Ganga 2-5 rapids 8 hrs ~


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