Other Beautiful Places

Ramboda road – Stone Drilled place

Once you go about 52 km along the Kandy – Nuwara Eliya road you will get to this place. The road goes through a rock. The rock is cut to built the road and it is about 4 meters in height. The narrow road of this place will definitely make you uncomfortable.

Toppass Gap

Toppass gap is located at Kandy – Nuwara Eliya road near 71 km post. This is located about 2200 meters above the sea level and it is then highest gap from all in Sri Lanka. The Kandy – Nuwara Eliya road is built thourigh this.

Boat safaris on Madu River (Madu Ganga)

Madu ganga is a beautiful place to do boat safaris. This is because not only the scenic beauty of the Madu ganga the echo systems and the diversity is very high.Once you travel upstream of Madu ganga about 1 km it comes to a huge water body like a tank which as about 64 small islands.

Rumassala Mountain

Rumassala Mountain is a very special place as the echo system of Rumassala is totally different from other areas of Sri Lanka. Most of the plants of Rumassala can only be found here.

There is a legend associated to this mountain in the epic story “Ramayanaya” when “ Lakshman” was injured in the battle and “Hanuman” was sent to Himalaya rejon to bring a herbal plant. “Hanuman” forgot the name of the plant so he brought a piece of Himalaya to this location. As for Dr Arthur C. Clerk this place is formed from a meteoroid long time ago. And it is found that the gravitational force of Rumassala is different from other land mass as well.Enjoy the spectacular view of the Ocean and the Galle fort from the Rumassala Mountain. Contact Golden Sri Lanka.

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