South Coast

South Coast of Sri Lanka

The south cost of Sri Lanka is beautiful and interesting even it is less developed as the West coast. But the charming beautiful beaches, hotels and amazing national parks makes it a paradise.

Galle is a world famous town in the southern cost of Sri Lanka and it is a UNESCO world heritage site as well. But in recent times Galle was famous for two other reasons as well. For cricket fans it is the beautiful cricket stadium which is situated with a magnificent view of the sea and the Galle fort and the other reason is the most devastating tsunami effect took place in 26th of December. Galle city was washed away badly with thousand of human lives were lost in this incident.

Galle , Galle fort and around.

Galle was a main port of Sri Lanka from 14th century. The first fort of Galle was built by Portuguese. Once Dutch captured the fort there were many changers, the current fort was built in the year of 1663. Covering an area of 90 acres the fort still retains its atmosphere of the past.

Walk along the walls of the fort enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean and do not forget to watch the sun set which gives you an astonishing view from the walls of the Galle fort. The “ Closenberg Hotel” is another beautiful place to watch the sun goes down. The hotels is located on the east side of the Galle harbour.

Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna is treated as one of the best beaches in the world. The beautiful wide and curved beach offers visitors quit and relaxing place. The place is ideal for safe swimming, Sunbathing and snorkeling. Unawatuna offers wide range of accommodations speeding to the nearby villages as well. Most of the small resorts and hotels which were completely destroyed during the tsunami effect is now operational give you a wider choice of places to stay and eat out.

Koggala, Waligama and Mirissa

Koggala is a small town beyond Unawatuna. The main attraction of Koggala is the “Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum. Martin Wickramasinghe is a popular local author who has written many books. The Museum is a interesting place with very good collection of exhibits such as traditional dance costumes, kitchen equipments, puppets, jewelries and old carts etc. This place is open daily from 9am to 5pm and worth of visiting. Another place which is worth of visiting is the “Katalunawa Temple” which has beautiful frescos belongs to different styles.

As you go further from Unawatuna about 23 km you will come to the Waligama town which famous for its beaches. The rest house of Weligama is treated as one of the oldest rest houses in Sri Lanka. Visit the Aggrabodhi Vihara which was built in 3 century BC about 1 km from the rest house towards inland.

If you travel further and it is the town Ahangama which is famous for the strange fishing technique called still fishing where the fisherman’s are supported by wooden poles standing in the shallow water catching small fish.

Matara City

Matara is a city located in southern coastline, 160 km away from Colombo and it’s a major town Southern province of Sri Lanka. The third longest river “Nilvala” runs through the town until it joins the Indian Ocean at Thotamuna. Matara is famous for its natural beauty, with long stretches of deserted golden beaches with soft golden sand and glistening deep waters, lush paddy fields, and verdant rolling tea estates. The truth is no one will disappoint about the beauty of Matara. The influence by the colonial visitors such as Portuguese, Dutch and British is still evident within the Matara fort.

About Star Fort

This fort was built by the Dutch and it was completed in 1765. As this was in a shape of a star it was called “Star Fort”. The original structure is maintained even today it can be seen near river Nilwala.

Dondra Point

Dondra means “the city of gods” is located about 6 km east of Matara and is the southern most point of Sri Lanka facing the Indian Ocean. The Dondra Point is important as it lies within the main sea route between west and east. To provide guidance to the ships 54m high lighthouse was built in 1890

Drive outs from Matara

About 2 km from Matara town you can reach Wewurukannala Vihara which was built in the year of 1960. This temple is famous for its huge seated Buddha stature and it is treated as one of the tallest statures of Sri Lanka which is about 50 meters in height.

Dickwella Rock chimney

You can reach the natural rock chimney which is about 6km east of Dickwella. This is a spectacular site which is a must see place. During the southwest monsoon season water is forced upwards about 23 meters of height making a huge noise Locals call this place as “Hoo-m-aa-naya”.

Tangalla and Mulgirigala

Tangalla is located about 48 km east of Matara town and it is a cam and relaxing place to be. Facing east a freshwater lagoon, the fishing harbour at mouth of the lagoon and the long stretched white sand beach is the ideal place to the western visitors. There are many small guesthouses and hotels along the beach allowing you to have a wider choice of accommodation.

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