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victoriya_park_nuwaraeliya_150Victoria Park

Victoria Park was established in 1897 as for the jubilee of Queen Victoria in completion of sixty years on here thorn. The park is within the city limits and it has become a must see location anyone who visit Nuwara Eliya. During the summer the park is filled with colorful roses and various flowers where you wont be able to see them in any other city of Sri Lanka.

 gregory_lake_150Gregory Lake

Gregory Lake is located about one kilometer away from Nuwara Eliya town and built during the year 1874 by the governor Gregory. By stopping the “Thalagala” stream which starts from the “Piduruthalagala” mountain. It is believed that the main intention of building this Lake is to generate Electricity to the town. The water was taken away up to a place called “black pool” using a tunnel and has generated Electricity there.


Hakgalla Gardens

Hakgalla Garden is located along Nuwara Eliya ~ Badulla road (along Kandy~Ramboda) This place is 5581 feet high from the sea level. It is said that the King “Rawana” used this place as a herbal garden. This place was started as a Botanical garden by British botanist Dr. G.H.K. Thwaites who was the director of “Peradiniya Botanical Garden “ in the year of 1859. Initially they grew “ sinkona” which was used to produce “ quiveenen” for malaria. There are more than 60000 species of plants have planted here. During the summer season this one of the most scenic places of Nuwara Eliya. With the cool climate of Nuwra Eliya many different kinds of plants from different parts of the world can be seen. For example conifers and cedars from Australia, Bermuda cypresses from the Himalayas English oak are some of the highlights.

 The largest tea bush of Sri Lanka

This word famous tea bush of Sri Lanka is 44 feet (13.4 meters) wide. This was planted in the year of 1840. This tea bush is located in the 7th division of “Gonapitiya tea estate”. You can evident this magnificent tea bush by traveling along Nuwara Eliya Raagala road and near the 17 kilometer post at the junction of Bruk side turn to left and travel 13 kilometers of this road to reach the place called “Gonapitiya”.


Nuwara Eliya Golf Club

The Nuwara Eliya Golf Club is one of the most beautiful places to be. The view of the surrounding mountains and tea estates will give you the best Golf playing experience. The facilities include Accommodation and Restaurant


Nuwareliya Golf Club,
Sri Lanka

 The first Tea factory of Sri Lanka and Games Tailor museumGames tailor is the introducer of tea to Sri Lanka during the year of 1867. First it was planted in the Peradiniya botanical garden and replanted them in 7th division of “Lulkadura estate” and this is the first tea plantation of Sri Lanka. He was treated as the first superintendent of Sri Lanka and the tea factory built during this time at the “Lulkadura estate” is treated as the oldest factory of Sri Lanka.To commemorate Games tailor there is a small museum created in the “Lulkadura estate” with the items he used

How to travel: Via Kandy~Delthota road along the hewaheta

worlds_end_150Horton Plane

Horton plane is located 24 kilometers away from Nuwara Eliya. With a 7200 feet elevation above the sea level this national park covers an area of 7000 achers. It was inlay known as “ Mahaweli plane” . During the time of British governor “ Roboat Vilmat Horton” he named it as Horton plane.

Horton Plane is a treasure of flora and fauna. Few major rivers of Sri Lanka are started from this place. Most of the time it is covered with mist. This has become a very popular attraction among local and foreign visitors. The best season to visit Horton plane is March to May. Early morning visit are essential if you want to see the breath taking views of “World’s End”. Visitors have to travel by foot throughout the one hour journey you will evident the many more attractive locations. Among them rolling “patna” grasslands, montane forest’s, sparkling streams and water pools, endemic highland birds include Dull-blue Flycatcher, Sri Lanka White-eye and the Baker’s fall etc. The “World’s End” is located about 5 kilometers further south. This is the most scenic and breathtaking location from all. The straight drop of 1050 meters from a rock surface to the mountains will definitely bring you an uncomfortable feeling and time to time it is covered by the mist making you feel as you are floating on the high altitude.

Waterfalls of Nuwara Eliya

Lovers Leap Fall

This breath taking water fall is located at Hawaeliya. Cascading from a massive rock this is 30 meters (99 feet) from height. This water fall is so much live during the rainy season.

There is a famous story behind this fall. A princes who went for hunting met a peaty women and they eventually fell in love. The parent of the princes was against this affair. It is said that both the princes and his love commit suicide by jumping from this fall and science the it is known as “ Lovers leap” fall

St Claire Fall

This waterfall can be seen along Avissawella- Nuwaraeliya road. This is 80 meters height. This is the widest and one of the beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka.

St Clair falls get birth from the “Kothmale Oya” which is fed by “Dabagasthalawa oya” and “Nanu Oya” which is started from “Piduruthalagala mountain”. This flows through the St Clair Estate.

Devon falls

This is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Situated in the Nuwara Eliya District. The name is given as the falls is in the Devon Estate. It is 97 meters in highest.

Aberdeen Falls

Aberdeen Fall is situated in Nuwara Eliya district. This water fall is 98 meters in height. in the Kehelgamuwa mountain range. The birth of this water fall is the Kehelgamuwa river and joins the Maskeli river. The falls is cascaded in to several parts. To get the full view you have to see it from a distance.

Nilgaruda Stone

Nilgaruda Stone is treated as very rear type of stones in the world. The Blue-Garuda stone in Sri Lanka is the only stone of Asia. You can evident the blue colour of the stone from the locations where some parts were removed. This stone stretches for about 4 squire miles most of it is beneath a rock. The “Garuda Oya” flows on top of this stone.

It is believed that the stone is good for skin rashes, because of this people tend to remove parts of the stone and take.

How to reach:

Travel to Ruupana junction passing Nuwara Eliya , Raagala via Udupussalawa. From there you have to travel on foot