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Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

  The central and the south central of Sri Lanka is the hill country where hundreds of rivers are born here. With the natural elevation of the land and the rivers has made Sri Lanka as a paradise of water falls. Most of the waterfalls are breathtakingly beautiful and scenic sites to vi

UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sinharaja (Sinharaja Virgin Rain Forest)

UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sinharaja (Sinharaja Virgin Rain Forest)

Sinharaja Rain forest is a magnificent nature’s creation. This forest is important role in its diversity and as well as educationally. Sinharaja is treated as an treasure of Flora and fauna. It has been evolving since it was started up to today without interference for the heart of the for

Welcome to the Knuckles Range

Fast facts: Total area 18512 hectares (45512 acres) Rainfall 3000 – 5000 ml (average annual) Temperature 5.5 Celsius to 35 Celsius Humidity 57% - 90% Wind Speed 7.2 km/hr Main Mountains Other mountains Gombaniya – 6248 ft Dumbaragal

Adam’s Peak - Sripada

Adam’s Peak – Sripada

Sri Pada Mountain is situated in the South West corner of the central mountain region. This corn shaped mountain is 2243 meters high. Devotes from all 4 major religion believe that the sacred foot print belongs to their religion. Buddhists believe that Load Buddha during his third visit to Sri

Horton Plains National Park

This breathtaking plain is 2300 meters high from the sea level and it has 3160 hectare of land. This is the only national park in Sri Lanka where visitors have to travel by foot. Early morning visits are essential, both to see the wildlife and to view World's End before mists close in during the lat

Play Golf in Sri Lanka

Play Golf in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has 4 beautiful Golf courses although it is not very popular sport. Two Golf clubs are located Colombo one Kandy and the fourth one in Nuwera Eliya and all these Golf clubs are built with 18 holes. Playing Golf is the best way to spend the time leisurely. If you are not an Expert do not

Elephant Orphanage Pinnawala

Elephant Orphanage Pinnawala

Elephant Orphanage Elephants are magnificent land animals, with a thick skin and a curved trunk. Watching these gigantic wild, semi wild mammals is a lifetime experience. Sri Lanka has considerable number of the world’s elephant population. Visitors can enjoy watching wild elephants in wildlif