Butterflies of Sri Lanka

Butterflies are very colorful and important insect living in our environment. They help in the stability of the natural diversity of the environment. In Zoological terms butterflies belongs to the Phylum Arthropoda and class Insecta

Compared with other countries Sri Lanka has significant amount of Butterflies species. In numbered context it is recorded as 244. This 244 belongs to 5 families. Among them 20 of them are endemic. Out of this 20 species 13 of them are identified as threatened species which is going to extinct. The two species called “Cingalese Bush Brown and Ceylon tree Brown” have identified as in the top of the list.

List of few species which are endemic to Sri Lanka.

English Name

Scientific Name

Blue Oakleaf Kallima philarchus
Ceylon Rose Pachiopta jophon
Ceylon Birdwing Troides darsius
Decorated Ace Halpe decorate
Pala Ceylon 6-Lineblue Nacaduba Sinhala
Ceylon Hedge Blue Udara lanka
Jewel Four-ring Ypthima singala
Ceylon Treebrown Lethe daretis
Ceylon Forester Lethe dynaste
Cingalese Bushbrown Mycalesis rama
Ceylon Palmfly Elymnias singala
Ormiston’s Oakblue Arhopala ormistoni
Clouded Silverline Spindasis nubilus
Ceylon Indigo Royal Tajuria arida
Woodhouse’s 4-lineblue Nacaduba ollyetti
White-tipped Lineblue Prosotas noreia
Ceylon Cerulean Jamides coruscans
Rare Ace Helpe enena

Common Bird wing:

This is the biggest butterfly in Sri Lanka. This species can be seen in many parts of the island but not in highlands and in northern part of the island.

Blue Mormon:

This species can be seen up to 4000 feet from the sea level but very rare in high lands. Very much close to the Common Bird wing and it is the second largest butterfly in Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tree Nymph

This species is treated as an endangered species. Can be seen in the Wet zone of the island. Very much like to the wet environment and flies very slow.

Crimson Rose

This is a very common species. It likes the dry environment.

Banded Peacock

Flies very first the habitat is dry zone and up to 1000 feet of the sea level. It is very bright butterfly with blue and green colors.

Common Mormon

This species is very common across the island. This is a bit larger species.

This species is treated as an endangered in Sri Lanka. Lives up to 3000 feet sea level. It is large and very attractive species

Common Blue bottle

This is a common species which is very attractive and with bright blue color. Flies very fast and love to live in wet places. The habitat of this species is dry zone and also in the high lands.

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